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The Fear Of God

The Fear Of God — With The Eyes Of A Child   One of the harder concepts for me to come to grips with has always been the 'fear of God'. The arrogance of my youth created anger and rejection in my heart whenever I was told that I should do so. I...

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Ditching The Dogma – Asking God Into My Life

Lost & Found   I was lost for a long time before I made the decision to ask God into my life. I always believed in God, but never knew how to connect to God's light. I have a somewhat complicated relationship with the church and organized religion in general....

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The Plan

The Plan The plan for this website is to serve dual purposes. The first is as a catalyst for spiritual thought - Essays, creative non-fiction, rants, guest posts, etc...these are the elements we will use to serve this purpose. The second is as an...

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