Eyeofh.com Has One Main Objective


The main objective of this site is to is to serve as a personal, public, spiritual journal with the hope that it might inspire someone else (that was lost like I was) to ask God into their life. The best way I know how to do that is to just put it out there. If it is meant to help any particular individual God will send them to it. If you are reading this and the previous sentence sounds crazy don’t worry…it will make sense someday.

The following is a list of smaller objectives that are intended to help accomplish the whole:

  1. Provide spiritual waypoints – We are all (whether we realize/admit it) on a spiritual journey. Once we do realize/admit it spiritual waypoints become more obvious and guide us along our path.
  2. Be a resource – There is so much information out there. This site is not going to judge it…just collect it in one place with the hope of making what might seem (at first) to be disparate systems easier to find. Only you can decide (with God’s help) if any individual piece of knowledge will be of use on your journey.
  3. Pass no judgment – One of the biggest roadblocks for the spiritual evolution of the human race is the inherent desire to pass judgment on anything that does not fit into the rigid outline of reality that we started creating for ourselves the moment we were born. This is a choice we make on a minute to minute basis…does this book/word/action/desire fit neatly into the box I have created to keep myself comfortable and appear sane? This site will not make that decision for you.
  4. Teach nothing – I am not a rabbi, pastor, priest, or imam. Nor do I have any degree that confers any right to speak with any authority with regards to any of the religions, sects, or orders that I will speak about here. To be perfectly clear: I only intend to relate my personal experiences and how they have shaped me spiritually with the hope that others might find inspiration to ask God into their lives.


Should I stay or should I go?

Who this site is not for:

  • If you are looking for a teardown of a particular religion (I wouldn’t blame you—I’ve done it before), a venomous indictment of the evils that men do in the name of the church (every church), or a treatise on the fallibility of God and how he/she/it cannot possibly exist then you are in the wrong place. More accurately, you have come to the wrong time. You would need to build yourself a time machine and whisk yourself twenty or so years into the past and have a chat with young Dave Beaver. He was good at that stuff. That angry young man was easily cajoled into a diatribe by a cool breeze—or someone that knew his hot button was anything that had to do with religion. That Dave Beaver is dead and gone, and if you want to speak with him, you can do a quick google search—I’m sure he (or someone like him) is out there somewhere.
  • If you truly believe that your God is the one and only true God and that everyone who does not agree with that assessment is wrong, then this is where we should shake hands and part ways. I do not, in any way, judge you, or your opinion, for feeling that way. If your mind and heart are not open to learning about the myriad of ways in which we, as humans, have connected with God over the eons then this is not the place for you. It is with the most heartfelt sincerity that I thank you for stopping by, wish you well and say that I am not offended, even the slightest bit, that you need to go. This site is extremely personal. It is the culmination of half my life thus far and will (no doubt) consume the entirety of the balance. It is my great work, and—above all other words that I write in my lifetime—the document I want to leave behind when I go.

Who this site is for:

  • First and foremost this site is for anyone who considers themselves a spiritual refugee. If you believe in, and love God, but feel like no one religious system, sect, or order embodies the personal connection with God that you seek then you are a spiritual refugee. Welcome!
  • Next, anyone that has come to the realization that our spiritual journey requires more than just saying we believe. It demands constant, daily work with a desire not only to improve yourself but also to help all of those around us.
  • Anyone that is lost and suffering. I was there and I know exactly how dark that place is. Reach out to God and ask for help. If that is to difficult right now reach out to me via email and I will do whatever I can to help. God will put the right person in your path at exactly the right time!

Who am I?

I am just a person finally made enough mistakes (and learned from them) to figure out what it is I am actually supposed to be doing. You can read about some of those mistakes in the blog post Writing for God. There will be more. That’s what this site is all about after all!


God Bless you & your journey,

David Beaver



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