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365 Days & A Promise

The following series will (eventually) consist of 365 posts written on consecutive days. It is a challenge (and a promise) I made to myself and I intend to keep it.

Why? (Kicking & Screaming)

I have been hiding from my dreams my entire life. I can write, though I have consistently found a reason to stop myself from doing so. I came up with every excuse in the book not to pursue it as anything more than a hobby.

Finally, a couple of years ago, I decided to take the time to publish (you can find my Amazon Author page by clicking here)some things. I always loved horror and existential fiction, so that is where I started. Some of it was good, but there was no consistency to it, and I had begun a spiritual journey that was leading me away from the shock and awe aspect of horror. I struggled with what direction to take and eventually, it just faded into the background of my everyday life.

Now I have decided to write again. I am Thomas Paine, nor do I ever expect to compose the next great American novel. I simply want to write, unrestricted, about the journey I am on. This exercise is meant to drag myself by the hair—kicking and screaming if need be—out of the carefully constructed cave of programmatic bullshit I’ve been hiding in.

If I’m Being Honest

One post every day. No research, no forethought, no rewrites, no plan except to spend 20 minutes being honest every day and putting it out there. Nothing is off-limits: rants, raves, poems, story excerpts, God, politics — Nothing. A good portion of it will be shit, some of it will be good, but all of it will be meaningful.

If you choose to continue on this journey with me I appreciate it. Your time is extremely valuable so If you do not, I understand. Either way, thank you for sharing your time with me for these brief moments.


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