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I believe in .

Now allow me to clarify.

I do not believe in and old, bearded, man that lives in the sky and registers any type of human emotion, response, reaction, etc to the things (for good or ill) that we humans are doing down here on earth. I do not believe God is gendered or corporeal. God is unknowable, unfathomable, and beyond reproach.

I do believe God is all. God is the first cause and everything else is the effect. God is vibration, vibration is energy, energy is light, and light is existence. You cannot comprehend God. You can only comprehend your relationship with God.

Religions began regionally to spread the word of God to the local masses in a language they could understand. Time went by and a greedy few realized the potential to enslave the needy many with threats of punishment and promises of reward in the hereafter. They cloaked the truth with dogma and began to build the world we now live in.

God is in and of all. The human distinctions we make (Jew/Christian, black/white, straight/gay, etc) are material markers that our small human perception uses to define the existence we find ourselves in. They are also the catalysts used by to control and weaponize our thoughts.

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