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I Gave Up

About a year and a half ago I gave up anger.

That might sound crazy, but it’s true. I made a conscious decision that I would not allow anger to control my life anymore.


Starting Small

I started by eliminating anger while I was driving. I used to engage in road rage like it was my job. Screaming, cursing, gesturing, tailgating—all day, every day. When I made the decision I started small. I would take short drives and consciously keep myself calm no matter what. If someone cut me off I took a deep breath. If they did not use a blinker I took another breath. If they were driving too slow I took several breaths. It took a couple of weeks, but eventually, I noticed that driving was almost a pleasant experience. After that, I started expanding the experiment into other facets of my life.



I forgave every provocation, every slight, the moment it happened. I took stock of my day before I went to sleep and made sure I had settled every angry thought that passed through my mind that day. That is the trick to it. You cannot stop anger from happening. You can stop it from festering.


Dark Forces Aligning

The material world does not like to be ignored. You will find (as I did) that your resolve on this matter will be tested repeatedly—sometimes viciously. It seems an unwinnable war because you will never achieve a situation where everything goes your way and every person acts the way you would like them to. Every battle you win makes the next one easier though and eventually realize that—while you cannot control everyone and everything around you—controlling your environment by controlling yourself is much easier than you thought it could be.

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