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See something say something…what about see something do something?

It’s been the mantra of people in crowded streets, malls, tall buildings, and airplanes since 9/11/11. It makes sense. It’s a good practice. It could save lives. It is also built on fear and an expectation of negative intent.

That is the world we live in, unfortunately. But what if we took that negative mantra and flipped it to the positive? I mean, keep it in mind and (of course) still say something if you see something that is off, but what if we engrained ‘see something — DO something’ into our collective unconscious as well?

Think about it. If all of us had ‘see something — do something’ playing on repeat in the back of our minds how many families would spend less time stuck on the side of the road? How many children would escape a life of abuse? How many makeshift nooses would go untied and way-to-fucking-early funerals go unplanned?

Just do something. If you see someone in need, help them. If you see someone low, lift them. If you see someone in tears hug them.




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