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Decision Making

Decision making used to paralyze me. I have gotten better at it over the years, but when I was younger the smallest decision could bind me up for hours — even days.

Now (for the most part) I make with confidence and move on. I think the reason it comes so easy now is that I have finally been around long enough to know that — one way or the other — things always work out the way they should.


Should vs. Would

The key word is ‘should’. Shit rarely works out the way I (we) want it to, but it always works out the way it should. The clarity that comes with understanding this concept at the core of your being is a freedom that cannot be expressed.

Of course, the only way to know this is to be around long enough, get knocked down enough, and (most importantly) get back up enough. Eventually — and only if you can shed the victim mentality that we are all born with — you get the beautiful gift that hindsight was meant to give you.

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