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A New Novel?

I spent the past week working day and night on a new novel inspired by the Tiny Tommy story. Then I spent the last eight minutes deleting everything I’d come up with thus far.

It is unfortunate, but it had to be done. Sometimes the story gets away from you. When that happens there are two choices; you can try to wrangle it in or kill it. I chose the latter in this case because it was too far gone.


Blessing and The Curse

In a way that is the blessing and the curse of the clarity that I have gained over the years. I spend a lot less time working on lost causes, but a little more time lamenting the time put into those causes.

It needs to be done though. Life is to short to agonize over . As I said before I am certain that everything will work out the way it needs to in the end. Continuously moving forward is the best way to make use of that knowledge.

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