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The Truth About Me

The truth about me is that I do not know anything important.

I am an intelligent person. I know a lot of things about our physical reality. I can hold an intelligent conversation with just about anyone, regarding just about anything.

All of that means nothing when it comes to our spiritual reality. I do not know anything, for certain, about that. My guess is that is the way it is supposed to be — a never-ending journey tailor-made for each of us to help us find our way to the light.

The Truth In The Place It Matters Most

It is hard to admit that — especially in this venue. Here I am trying to build a site that encourages people to seek the truth and ask into their lives, and stating that I do not know anything at the same time. I think it is important though and here is the reason why:

Anyone who tells you that they KNOW the answer is lying to themselves, and, by extension, lying to you. Our spiritual journey is intensely personal while we are still ruled by ego. Some things need to be fixed, and others that need to be changed. We can (and will be) helped along the way, but the work to be done is all ours — individual, intimate, and personal. Once the ego is no longer in control there is no-one in our physical reality that can be of any assistance — especially those who are still controlled by the ego.

Your Faith, Your Path — YOU

The truth is that — no matter what I or anyone else says — you have to find ways to develop your faith. Your faith will lead you to God, and God will lead the way. Everything else you encounter — books, religions, gurus, priests, rituals, etc. — are just signs leading to faith. It is up to you to read them and head in the right direction.

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