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Be The Giver

Be the giver…Always.

Looking to make a change?

Trying to find a way to better yourself?

Feeling spiritually drained (it happens), and not sure how to get back to the light?

Doing just that one thing (being the giver) fits every situation and will help forge your path forward every single time. It is the closest thing to a guarantee that can be given in this material world. The reason is that it forms a direct, and immediate, connection to the spiritual world.


Just One Condition

There is a condition you need to keep in mind. Give selflessly without expectation of anything in return.

“Oh yeah, there it is Dave…the catch!”

Sure, you can look at it like that if you like. It’s the truth though. How many times have you done something good for someone and then spent the next day or two upset because they did not return the favor, or even show a little appreciation? Was that time well spent? How many other people could you have helped in the meantime?

Karma is sometimes, but not usually, instant. You are just as likely to be rewarded (or punished) twenty years from now as you are in the moment. That is how it works so stop wasting time waiting for your reward. Stop even thinking you deserve one. Start doing the right thing strictly because it’s the right thing to do. Trust me, it will all work itself out in the end.


Be The Giver, No Matter What

So be the giver…always. Smile at everyone. Help everyone you see in need according to your ability to do so. Ignore the naysayers and those that think you are trying to one-up them because you are always volunteering to help. Explain to them how it works and then let them decide whether or not they want to join you on your path. If they do not then wish them well and move on, and continue being the giver.

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