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Good Day To Shit Day

I don’t know about you, but I think maybe the worst days are the ones that start perfect, and then go to shit halfway through.

I mean, a bad day is a bad day, and a great day is a great day, but a great day that turns to shit is a mind-fuck.

Today was one of those days for me. I woke up early and everything was perfect. The birds were singing, the stars were aligned, and I felt great. Everything continued that way for a few hours too. I had a few opportunities to help people — just small things — and some really good interactions. Then everything changed.


The Exact Moment

I can tell you the exact moment it happened. I was returning to my car from clothes shopping when I saw an older woman struggling to open a stroller. I asked her if she needed help. She said “yes please” so I started to fiddle with the stroller. I had to chuckle because I wasn’t having much luck and I told her it had been a long time since I had operated one of those.

She did not think it was funny. Instead, she unloaded on me. Not at me, mind you, but on me. She said she was “having a terrible fucking day. My husband is sick and I need to get a gift and have this baby —fuck it, I’m just gonna go home.”. She grabbed the stroller, threw it in the trunk, slammed the trunk, and walked away. I sad I was sorry that I could not be more help, but she did not hear me — she was already in the car.


Counting The Ways It Bothered Me

It bothered me that I could not help. It bothered me that she was having such a bad day and there was nothing I could do. It bothered me that she gave up. It bothered me that — at that moment — I could taste her disdain for that child, and her husband, and everyone that she was blaming for the day she was having. Most of all it bothered me because I could see that she was dwelling in — and feeding off of — the negative energy and that her day was only going to get worse from there.


Back To The Point

And now that I have rambled a bit I will get back to the point. I was having a fantastic day. I ran into someone that was having a terrible day. I was not strong enough to keep the away and allowed it to follow me for the rest of the day. Then, about ten minutes ago, I decided to write about how much I disliked starting with a great day that changes into a bad day. It was in that moment that I remembered the lady, how I had personally allowed my day to be altered, and how much of a fool I am for not seeing what was happening at the moment. The End.

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