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There Is No Such Thing As Coincidence

There is no such thing as coincidence. Nothing is random. Every single moment is the culmination of decisions made in all the moments before it.

I used to be a victim. Now I am not. I used to believe that there was nothing I could do about the bad things that were happening to me. Now I know that is false. I practice extreme personal responsibility day in, and day out.


The Result Of Our Cumalative

The bad things that happen to me are a direct result of the choices I have made in my life. I recognize that they do not have to be choices immediately ( remember — is rarely instant) surrounding whatever negative consequence I have incurred. In other words, choosing to steal a comic book when I was twelve could lead to my untimely stabbing death in an alley when I am fifty. That is an extreme example, but our material reality is cumulative, and that is the truth.


Accept Responsibility

So I accept responsibility for any and all of the in my life. Likewise, I take credit for any positive things that come my way. Neither situation is ego-driven. I do not get mad at myself when something bad happens or happy with myself when something good happens. I simply thank God for the free will to make those decisions, and the lessons learned from both the good and the bad.

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