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365 Day Challenge!

365 day challenge?

What was I thinking?

I mean, shit, that is a seriously long term .

Think about it — what do you do (regularly) 365 days in a row? Wake up, breath, and eat are the only three things I can think of.


Things We SHOULD/HAVE To  Do

There are plenty of things we SHOULD do every single day: Shower, brush our teeth, exercise, etc.. Let’s face it though, I bet if you are being honest with yourself you’ve missed one or two of those on one or more occasion.

There are things we HAVE to do that are dictated by circumstance. For instance, once you’ve had a baby you HAVE to be a parent every day. Some people even find ways out of that though.


Waking Up To The Reality Of A 365 Day Challenge

What brings this up? I woke up this morning and my first thought was ‘holy shit! I promised myself I would write a new blog post for this series 365 days in a row’.

Every day!

For 1 year!!


Simple Premise

Sure, the premise is simple enough: 20 minutes at most with no research and a very little editing. Here’s what I forgot though — I have a lot of other shit to do! I work a full-time job, am a full-time single father, have severe depression issues (a full-time management job in and of itself), and I hope to make something out of this blog (which means producing other, more polished, content).


Hard Truth

Here’s the truth though; I can either do it, or I can’t and I am either committed, or I am not. All of this bitch-fest aside, I am extremely blessed. The resources to deal with all of the above are within my reach and I will either make use of them or I will not — time will tell…

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