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We Have Been Conditioned

Did you ever take a moment to think about all the that makes up what you perceive to be your daily life? Every single thing you do, think, or say was — at some point in your life — fed to you by an outside source. Your concept of right and wrong, attitude, language, accent, sense of style — absolutely none of those things were created by you. They were experienced, filtered, and adapted into your existence.


Born Stupid

Even the things we call ‘instincts’ were conditioned into us by the world around us. You were not born knowing that the pan on the stove was hot. You touched it and found out. You did not know that a bullet could kill you. You saw someone die on tv and found out. You learned these things and then stayed away from them.


Change Up Your Routine

If you want to truly experience how deeply we are conditioned to follow the routines then try changing up something you do daily. Brush your teeth with your left hand instead of your right. Try eliminating a common word from your vocabulary for a day. This will sound crazy, but the thing that made me realize how blindly I was following the program was the day I tried to dry myself off differently than I usually do after taking a shower — completely messed me up!


Take Yourself Off Autopilot

It sounds ridiculous, but it is important to realize these things. I have been trying to be a better person for a while now. A good deal of that time was wasted because I was on autopilot. You cannot take a different route when you are on autopilot. It seems obvious to me now, but when I was cruising along I had no idea what I was doing so — and that is the point. I had to shake up the system. For me, it was something as banal as my morning shower. What will you change?

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