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When I was younger I wrote fairly often. In fact, for five or six years (that I recall) that was all I wrote. Now, I have an entire box of it laying around here somewhere collecting dust.

I stopped it when I left college. The real world seeped into all the little cracks and crevices of my soul that desired to think poetically. I got a real job, started making real money, and forgot all about the real love of words that was beating in my chest.

Time passes, and here we are. I woke up this morning feeling all poetical and shit! So twenty years (at the very least) since the last time I composed a poem I came up with the following four stanza’s. It’s not the greatest, but I figure if I hadn’t ridden a bike in twenty years I would fall at least once when I got back on one.


Come one, come all
Come pleasure, come pain
Gratitude, and ‘thank you’ say I

Fly high, or fall
Blue sky, or rain
Gratitude, and ‘thank you’ say I

Open road, or wall
Bit part, or main
Gratitude, and ‘thank you’ say I

Bright rainbow, or pall
Full gait, or cane
Gratitude, and ‘thank you’ say I

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