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Spirituality, at it’s purest, is actively working towards being a better person. I see people getting this wrong all the time. Some are smug, self-righteous little people that would rather tear someone else down than building ANYTHING up. Others are angry at God and disdain anything and everything that looks like it might make them think beyond their material existence. Still, others are just sad and confused; weighted down by the burdens they carry and too tired to lift themselves.


The Path Less Traveled


Everyone walks their own, individual, path. This is true whether we acknowledge it or not. We can stomp our feet, wring our hands, and scream to the high heavens that it’s not true, but it is. And even though every individual must walk their path, every path eventually presents the same set of guidelines that must be followed in order to walk any further; they are that we must flick all those chips from our shoulder, kill the materialistic programming that we’ve accumulated (since birth), annihilate our prejudice’s, and get to fucking work.


Work, Work and More Work

That’s right — work. Work (and by extension the works we do) are the key to it all. You can WANT to be a better person, THINK about ways to be a better person, HOPE for a chance to be a better person — all of that equals exactly jack shit if you do not actively, emphatically, consistently, and constantly WORK towards becoming a better person.


Ask And Ye Shall Receive

Here’s the good news; ask and ye shall receive! Believe me when I tell you that is absolutely the truth. If you take a moment and ask God (the universe, the All, the sun; however you internally identify with existence as a whole) to show you ways to be better you will be presented with more opportunities than you can handle before you lay your head down that evening. The simple trick is learning to recognize, accept, and then act.

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