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Every Day

I have been writing every day now for 32 days. Believe me when I tell you that is a record for me. In fact, it is the most consistent I have been with any individual thing (other than work) my entire life. If you have read all of these then you know that some of the writing has been good, and some of it has been bad. Truthfully it does not matter to me either way because the goal here was consistency and — on that count at least — so far, so good.  

What Professional Writers Recommend

The benefits are exactly what every writer who has recommended said they would be. I am one of those thick-headed individuals that need to experience something for myself before I will believe it though, and now I do. It used to take me forever to start a writing project. I would think about, rethink it, and think about it some more. Now I just start it. I’ve begun three stories in the last two weeks. One of them is a novel that is 75% outlined already! Ideas are flowing night and day — it’s like every fiber of my being is tuned to the same frequency. I would say that I wish I had set down this path sooner, but I recognize the folly in that statement. I was not ready, and it was not time. Now I am, now it is, and now I will.  
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