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And now, instant Karma… We had a family party for my niece yesterday. My daughter decided (because she’s 15 and this is what she does) that she wanted to leave early and go to the boardwalk with her friends. So we go to the party for an hour and then the plan is to take them to the boardwalk then return to the party.  

Traffic In Point Pleasant, NJ

As we are driving I realize that the traffic is going to be a nightmare and I start to get annoyed. We don’t get caught with the ridge going up but the traffic through town is stop and go. I tell the girls that I’m going to drop them off at the end of the long parking lot because I don’t want to drive alway up to the beach and deal with more traffic. My daughter argues the point a little (because she’s lazy) but then accepts it when she realizes I’m annoyed. We get to the parking lot entrance, they get out, and I make a left to head towards the rear exit. I can already taste the first beer and burger!  

Laughing Emoji’s

I make it about ten feet and stop. There’s a line of cars vying for a spot that’s why opened up. Two ladies are standing in the spot not letting anyone in. They are holding it for their friend further back in the line. The lady in the car right by the spot finally has enough and gets out of the car to confront them. An argument ensues, A fifteen-minute trip turns into an hour, I get my instant karma, and my daughter sends me three laughing emojis when I text her the story.
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