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Mountains Out Of Molehills

I make mountains out of molehills every day. It has been a defining character deficiency since as far back as I can remember. There has been a reduction in this momentum shattering practice over the past few years, but I still find myself doing it now and then.

My Mountain

A perfect example would be this website. I think I already mentioned that I have made it live and then taken it down more times than I can count. The mountain/molehill scenario is one of the primary factors in that cycle. The plan always starts simply—put up a blog and then build around it. The problem is I put up the blog and then start working on the overall concept—the concept is the mountain. Once I get involved in that I start to bury myself in minutia at which point I forget about the blog—which is the backbone of the whole damn thing!

I Never Learn

I almost made the same mistake again recently. I got the blog up and running and then started working on the concept of the full site. It is important to me and I want it to be well designed for anyone that might come across it. The problem is I am having some trouble translating the concept into a home page design that gets the message across. It has been months now and I have reworked it over a hundred times.

Maybe This Time

That is where this specific series of posts comes in. I had to give myself a challenge that would keep the blog moving continuously forward and myself constantly writing. That home page is still not done. I will probably tweak it again the second I am done writing this. At least the molehill is visible while I continue to build up this mountain.

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