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Remington Standard Typewriter on desk with blank page

The words you are reading now are not the words I originally wrote down on this page. Those words (the originals) were here, but now they are gone.

There were two paragraphs of never before seen writing and now they are gone forever. You will never see them, and I can never tell you about them—I hit select-all and delete. I did that because they sucked and I wanted them to go away.

I am only telling you this because it got me thinking: I wonder how many words, thoughts, ideas, etc., get deleted out of existence every day. I just deleted two paragraphs that took time and thought to create. I did it because I didn’t like the way they looked on the page or sounded in my head, but maybe you would have.

I have had to teach myself to be ruthless when I am editing. It is the only way I can avoid the mountain/molehill problem I told you about yesterday. I rely very heavily on the notion that if the idea was good enough it will eventually resurface. And still, I wonder…

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