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Shower Wierdness

I cannot tell you why I did this today, but I did. I was standing in the shower trying to collect my thoughts for the day. It’s usually the most distraction-free block of time I get (I imagine that’s the same for most people) so I have been trying to take advantage of it as much as possible lately. There were a few things I knew I had to deal with during the day; things that slowly started to manifest into .


Lean Into It

Instead of letting the anxiety take over, I closed my eyes and leaned forward. I put my hands against the shower wall and let the water run over my head. I took a deep breath, exhaled, and immediately envisioned a ring of light around my heart. I focused my attention so I could see it clearly in my mind’s eye. As I did this the ring of light began to spin clockwise around the area where my heart is.


Commitment, and A Storm Of Light

I committed to the and pictured the ring spinning faster and faster. As its speed grew so did its size. I threw all my creative energy into the beauty and power it represented. The ring spun and grew, and as it did I could see all the darkness being pushed out of me like carrion on the outskirts of a magnificent storm of light.

Love and gratitude were this maelstrom’s driving force and gave every ounce I could muster of both. The ring grew until engulfed me and the room and the house—and then I said ‘thank you’ and it disappeared.

I do not know if there is such a thing as spontaneous, and necessary, meditation. That is what it felt like though—like in that moment either my head exploded, or my heart shone. I am glad it was the latter.

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