Tiny Tommy

Tiny Tommy leads a terrible life. Other children abuse him. His father views him as penance for the riches he has accumulated. The world sees him as slow, and the voice inside his head is the only one he has. His mother is the only person in the world that has ever cared enough to try to understand him.
His sixth birthday party is a celebration for the town’s aristocracy—and a gathering of torturers for Tommy. All of his friends are here, accompanied by the sycophants that raised them.
Tommy’s mother has a surprise for him, though—one that will both make his dreams come true and change the lives of all involved forever.
Vivid and remorseless–Tiny Tommy takes revenge to the next level.

Moments At Rest

Moments at rest are the turning points in our lives. This collection off short stories is based on those moments. The stories in this collection run the gamut from introspective self analysis, to elaborate revenge, to life changing decisions in the midst of a zombie apocalypse. They are honest, brutal, tales of horror, tragedy, redemption, and damnation. Some are heartbreaking. Some are antagonistic. Some are inspiring. All originate from a deep, dark place within the hearts of men.

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Just Write Something Damnit! — Day 39

This entry is part 32 of 32 in the series Just Write Something Damnit!

Just Write Something Damnit! — Day 38

I want you to be uncomfortable with yourself…to writhe in your own skin.

Just Write Something Damnit! — Day 37

A Bug’s Death:

The combination of morbid creativity and extreme anxiety that powers the mainframe I call a mind afford me plenty of (unwanted) opportunities

Just Write Something Damnit! — Day 36

There have been times in my life that I have considered myself to be dead inside. I have been to funerals of loved ones that elicited the same emotional reaction as classes I attended in college

Just Write Something Damnit! — Day 35

And now, instant Karma…

We had a family party for my niece yesterday. My daughter decided (because she’s 15 and this is what she does) that she wanted to leave early and go to the boardwalk with her friends.

Just Write Something Damnit! — Day 34

There was a time in my life (not so long ago) that the thought of changing jobs again terrified me. It also made me angry at the fact that life had put me in a position that made another change necessary.

Just Write Something Damnit! — Day 33

I had a heart-rending nightmare one evening that left me broken in the dark for hours after it occurred. This terrible piece of #flashfiction is what it spawned.

Just Write Something Damnit! — Day 32

I have been writing every day now for 31 days. Believe me when I tell you that is a record for me. In fact, it is the most consistent…

Just Write Something Damnit! — Day 31

I wish I could write a love story, or a drama, or something that made people laugh. My failure to do so is not from lack of trying.

Just Write Something Damnit! — Day 30

Spirituality, at it’s purest, is actively working towards being a better person. I see people getting this wrong all the time…

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