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3 Things That Get No Respect (Anymore)

No Respect? Not An Option.   When I was growing up I was taught to respect three things: Authority, my elders, and myself. Having 'no respect' for any given person or situation was a punishable (yes, that was a thing) offense. It was pretty simple. If...

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Manic Panic

Panic Without a Prelude   Panic attacks are like the first blustery wind of an unexpected storm. They come from nowhere, with no warning, and no indication of how long they will last, or how severe they will be. It can happen anywhere, or anytime. You can be in...

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Writing For God – From Horror to Hope

Writing For God I have not written anything of substance in quite some time. Now I begin again with this statement: I am writing for God. It is a simple declaration with a not-so-simple backstory. The people that know me will, most likely, be confused by it—those who...

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