The Plan

The plan for this website is to serve dual purposes. The first is as a catalyst for spiritual thought – Essays, creative non-fiction, rants, guest posts, etc…these are the elements we will use to serve this purpose. The second is as an aggregation of resources – There is so much spiritual material out there now. Things that used to only be available to a select few are now readily available or accessible online if you know where to look. We want to bring all those resources together and make them more accessible.

The People

Both of these purposes, in turn, are meant two serve two types of people – Those who have yet to solidify their intent with regards to their spiritual path, and those that have. If you are already on your journey then the resources and writings are there for reference and reflection. If you do not then they are there to provide a point of entry.

More Information

If you want to get some insight into why I started this site you can read the post Writing For God – From Horror to Hope. If you want to know more about the objectives of the site, who it is for, and who it is not, then check out the About Page.  

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